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Ontario CEC Celebrates 65 Years

Ontario 65th

Ontario CEC will begin celebrating 65 years of leadership in the field of special education at our annual conference December 3-4, 2021 and continue through 2022.  We are proud of our history and achievements which we will be honouring and celebrating throughout the year through our chapters and our website.

We invite you, as a CEC member, to join us in this celebration by submitting a short statement about CEC and how this organization has made a difference for you. Some thoughts/suggestions you may wish to include. Ontario CEC will post these on our website.

  • Why did you become a member of CEC?
  • Who inspired you to become a member of CEC?
  • Highlights of your experience in CEC.
  • Greatest CEC memory.
  • Why did you get involved in Special Education?
  • How have you inspired others to become involved in Special Education?
  • How did CEC make a difference in your career?
  • If you were recognized with an award from CEC, share some comments.
  • How do you promote CEC to your colleagues?

Thank you for sharing in this celebration. Ontario CEC will post submissions on our website.

Please submit to:

Lynn Ziraldo, Ontario CEC Advisor

Posted:  2 November, 2021

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